Just read last week about the Jeep Cherokee hacked and driven off the road to prove to the automaker that it could be done. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles recalled 1.4 million vehicles to update the software that allowed the cyber-hijacking.

The reality is that today’s cars and light trucks are connected to wireless networks whether you like it or not. Actually 27 million of them are currently connected to the internet. It is small consolation that the automakers are now investing in technology that sends security updates wirelessly so that they can send updates to fix security flaws. They didn’t think of this before?

And to make it worse, apparently connected traffic light signals are a huge problem and can be hacked also. So the plan of going out and getting an older car to have something to drive when everything goes crazy won’t help – when not only are the hijacked cars careening all over the road, but the traffic signals are going haywire.

The entire highway system will look like I-95 around DC on a Friday during the summer.