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Recorded Webinars

  1. Using Remote Control Software to manage ATMs – See how using remote control software to securely manage ATM's increases profits and lowers expenses. Make more profit on your current service agreement dollars!  Presented by Don VanderWall at BrightTools with a live demo by Fred Wheeler of Automated Transaction Delivery.
  2. Combatting Card Skimming – 98% of all ATM card fraud in the United States can be charged to skimming, and the Secret Service projects that card skimming costs financial institutions and customers $8.5 billion annually. Clearly, skimming is a big problem that needs to be addressed with preventative technology. Watch this ACG webinar that details anti-skimming technology and explains how to leverage the benefits of this preventative technology to gain buy-in from your customers.
  3. Sales Training 101 – Hey, has it been a while since you took a sales training class? Or maybe you never did? Fred Wheeler put together this 101 Sales Training class as a great refresher on all the things you should be doing - or your sales team should be doing. January is a great time to hit the "reset" button on your sales process. Spend an hour and learn it again for the first time!
  4. How to use Mail Chimp – Jen Wheeler from Get the Clicks and Fred Wheeler from Wheeler Business Consulting take you through setting up your free Mail Chimp account, creating a campaign and analyzing the results.
  5. Best Facebook Practices for Your Business – 25 million small businesses are represented on Facebook in hopes of capturing the audience of its 1.23 billion monthly users. Is your business being properly displayed on this platform?
  6. ATM 101 Basic Training for Beginners – ATM 101 provides the basics of ATM functionality presented by Automated Transaction Delivery. This is a course for beginners: from Sales staff to Service Technicians to anyone who is just starting out.
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