We are having a free “how to get started” Mail Chimp webinar next Wednesday, October 12th at Noon EDT. Mail Chimp could really be important to your company is that it allows you to use some great resources to build your lists, target your markets, automate your emails and analyze the data. I think we all realize that we need to keep communication with our customers on a “flow”, but the question is what, and how, and when. Whether you decide to go with the paid version, or the free one (which is what FSPA uses), Mail Chimp has a lot of great features and free guides. When I starting as Executive Director of FSPA in July of 2013, I copied what John Vrabec had done before me, sending out email blasts using Outlook. But that gets you labeled and blocked on a lot of servers and the members weren’t getting my emails. When I started talking to Jen Wheeler at Get The Clicks, she just about gasped out loud when I told her I was using Outlook for email blasts. She showed me Mail Chimp and helped me set up my first Campaign. Hey, I am just assuming that all of you deal with the same issue I do – and many of us are not large enough companies to have a Marketing Department so we go along doing the best we can. Lets get better at this together!

So join Jen Wheeler and Fred Wheeler on the free webinar so you can start using Mail Chimp. AND both the webinar and Mail Chimp are free – so what do you have to lose? click here to register https://global.gotowebinar.com/pjoin/4390075428825638660/999012243973777156

Thank you for being a FSPA member and I hope you sign up for our webinar!