Rand Paul proposed legislation last week on a replacement plan for ObamaCare. Among many provisions in his plan is one that would allow associations, like FSPA, to offer small businesses a way to join together to purchase insurance as a group. Under the existing Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, depending on how the association health plan (“AHP”) was structured, insurance coverage needed to comply with the “small group market” provisions of PPACA. The “small group market” provisions of PPACA are onerous and have affected the economics and viability of Association Health Plans – making my prior attempts to put this together fall flat.

If a plan like Rand Paul’s passes, it is my understanding that we could set up a plan for members to purchase health insurance through FSPA. As a trade association, we could purchase across state lines – and as a larger group we should be able to get lower cost coverage. I will continue to watch this opportunity and keep you posted.