FSPA Membership Application

Application is hereby submitted for membership in the Financial & Security Products Association (FSPA). FSPA reserves the right to select its members on the basis of reputation in serving financial institutions and related industries. Membership is divided into three classes: Suppliers/Manufacturers, Dealers and Associates. Associates are those serving the industry but are neither a dealer nor a supplier. Application is subject to ratification by the Board of Directors. The Applicant accepts the FSPA Code of Ethics and agrees to its By-Laws. It is understood that any violation of the same, as determined by the Board of Directors could result in revocation of membership standing.

A payment for 50% of the first year membership dues is required for the application to be processed. Annual Membership Dues are $495.00.

FSPA should send   invoice   credit card approval form for application fee.

All applicants are requested to submit one bank reference and one trade reference UNLESS referred by an FSPA member:

This application authorizes the Financial & Security Products Association to verify references and/or confirm with my sponsor.