Join the discussion! What technology is part of your typical project? Do you upgrade ATMs to ITMs? Add cash automation? Replace face-to-face teller interactions with technology?  Do you have necessary tools to ensure the success your customer’s branch transformation strategy? Are you considering video analytics?   Join our video conference with Adam Jordan of Add-On Technologies, Dan Cremins of March Networks, Dan Miller of BranchServ, Fred Wheeler of Automated Transaction Delivery, and Nick Schuster of Cash Transactions.
Ventus is the ATM managed network expert, designing, building, hosting, and maintaining more ATM networks than any other provider. Ventus Managed Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) for ATMs provides comprehensive wireless and fixed line connectivity for remote and branch-based ATMs and ITMs, PCI-compliant connectivity, encrypted multi-point routing, and direct connections with the industry’s leading payment gateway processors. All from a single source thereby taking the responsibility of management, troubleshooting, uptime, and organization from yours to ours.
The 2020 FSPA Annual Business Meeting covered the events of the past year and took a look at what is coming up for 2020/2021 Bryce Good of Washington Security presented the winners for the 2020 FSPA Scholarships.
Presented by Jim Kahrs, president, Prosperity Plus Management Consulting Inc. and Bob Goldberg, partner, Schoenberg, Finkel, Newman & Rosenberg.
The day your Paycheck Protection Program was funded, the period for calculating forgiveness began as well. How should dealers and resellers approach the record keeping and maximization of forgiveness? Is your shelter-in-place order about to expire? How do you get your employees out of their pajamas and back to work? These unprecedented times have created new questions and issues for every dealer and reseller. In this webinar, Kahrs and Goldberg will discuss the next steps for FSPA members, sharing their counsel and answering your questions.

Jim Kahrs is the founder and president of Prosperity Plus Management Consulting Inc. Prosperity Plus works with companies in the office technology industry building revenue and profitability, and planning for a successful exit strategy. Jim has been a regular presenter for FSPA.

Bob Goldberg has 42 years of office systems industry experience. Upon graduation from law school in 1973, he joined the Antitrust Division of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. Goldberg’s government career continued with the Federal Trade Commission until 1977, when he transitioned to private practice. He was a partner with the firm of Freeman, Atkins & Coleman, where he specialized in antitrust and trade regulation matters. Goldberg then joined the law firm Schoenberg Finkel Newman &Rosenberg LLC, and was a partner with the firm from 1984 to 2008. In 2008, he became of counsel to the firm, continuing to collaborate and mentor with the firm’s attorneys and staff. Since 1977, he has provided numerous trade associations with advice and guidance on a diverse range of topics.

When you are out of the office are you “out” of your business? Want to be able to run your business from your mobile device? Businesses today are more mobile and why be tied down with expensive laptops or spotty remote communications. Imagine approving a purchase order, sending a quote, or checking inventory by simply opening your smart device. Join Adam Rosenthal for this one-hour webinar and see what business automation is really about.

Branch Transformation …. You can try to make an ATM something it was not designed for … Use labor intensive dual-keying remote teller… or Integrate a teller system Into a kiosk. What makes more sense? Want to see the difference? Watch Fred Wheeler’s presentation.

This webinar is a must for any companies looking to ditch multiple disjointed field service softwares. This webinar will emphasize simple to complex project management of installs and milestone billing. Also we will demonstrate a True Quote to Cash SOLUTION with built in CRM. Best of all, we can convert your legacy software that most FSPA members use. FORZA powered by SAB B1 platform.

Your Customers are looking to drive revenue and increase card activation. Do you have a solution in your portfolio that offers that? Instant Card
Issuance allows Financial Institutions to provide their customers with new or replacement Visa/Mastercard debit or credit cards INSTANTLY at the branch.  Consumers love instant Everything. With two selling options available (1) You sell Instant Card Issuance to your customer and prospects with the assistance of Lansworth/Entrust Datacard sales team or (2) Participate in a lead referral program; Lansworth will sell direct, and you receive a percentage of the sale when closed.  Attend this webinar and learn how you can partner with Vita Lansworth to easily deliver an amazing customer experience! 

Mark Smith of MVP Financial Equipment will inspire FSPA members to begin looking at all the security features and benefits of Windows 10 that they can participate in with sales/service support.  You know there are tremendous opportunities for upgrades and replacements – but now learn how you can earn revenue supporting this new architecture.  This is not just another webinar on the technical details of Windows 10 – this is how you can make revenue on its features! Click here to view the recorded webinar.

Join Kyle Payne, Digital Ad Tech Consultant for Vivial, Inc. as he discusses the do’s and don’ts of social media and exposes the myths of digital marketing. Hear a subject matter expert discuss what makes social marketing so different than traditional marketing.

Learn the differences that LegalShield and ID Shield can make for you as a business owner and the differences they can make in the lives of your employees. With the recent Equifax breach, we have been reminded how vulnerable we are. Worry less and live more with LegalShield and IDShield.

The main topic of this user group session was deposits/progress payments and how to create an invoice appropriate for your customer. Thanks to Jim Cozzi of Bancare for showing us their process.

See why more than 500 banks and credit unions trust March Networks video surveillance solutions to enhance security, protect their assets and improve branch performance. This powerful suite of video surveillance products help financial institutions proactively target fraud, skimming and other crimes with high quality video evidence and intelligent software tools. Lightning-fast search capabilities help you find evidence quickly, cutting investigation times and costs.

The industry is changing at a rapid pace, digital and internet solutions are everywhere. You’re seeing competition from places you haven’t seen it before. Like it or not, the business model is changing at a rapid pace. What can you do to ensure the future of your company?In this session we’ll look at what is really happening on the industry and outline strategies for long term survival. We’ll discuss what you need to consider when moving into new markets or diversifying with new products and ways to continue winning with your current business model. Don’t be one of the dealers that will look back in 5 years saying, “What happened, I used to have a viable business?” Create a strong plan today.

See how using remote control software to securely manage ATM’s increases profits and lowers expenses. Make more profit on your current service agreement dollars! Presented by Don VanderWall at BrightTools with a live demo by Fred Wheeler of Automated Transaction Delivery.

98% of all ATM card fraud in the United States can be charged to skimming, and the Secret Service projects that card skimming costs financial institutions and customers $8.5 billion annually. Clearly, skimming is a big problem that needs to be addressed with preventative technology. Watch this ACG webinar that details anti-skimming technology and explains how to leverage the benefits of this preventative technology to gain buy-in from your customers.

Hey, has it been a while since you took a sales training class? Or maybe you never did? Fred Wheeler put together this 101 Sales Training class as a great refresher on all the things you should be doing – or your sales team should be doing. January is a great time to hit the “reset” button on your sales process. Spend an hour and learn it again for the first time!

Jen Wheeler from Get the Clicks and Fred Wheeler from Wheeler Business Consulting take you through setting up your free Mail Chimp account, creating a campaign and analyzing the results.

25 million small businesses are represented on Facebook in hopes of capturing the audience of its 1.23 billion monthly users. Is your business being properly displayed on this platform?

ATM 101 provides the basics of ATM functionality presented by Automated Transaction Delivery. This is a course for beginners: from Sales staff to Service Technicians to anyone who is just starting out.

Mike Cowling from Volumatic discusses the past, present and future solutions for the retail environment of cash processing. The focus is on the options available for cash handling and their relative merits so attendees can learn about opportunities to expand their marketplace.

Before developing and promoting effecting content, it is important to do your research. Learn about what types of content to focus on and what to include in that content.

As part of our social media webinar series, find out the best approach to content development for the financial industry.

The next webinar in our social media series is on content. Learn how to properly promote your content and have it reach your target audience.

A look into Anti Skimming Technology and How to Sell it to Your Customer.