I don’t often go to the movies or get to watch regular television – but honestly, scrolling through the channel guide I would have thought I had picked up a lost-TV-time-travel remote from 20-30 years ago.  Magnum P.I., Hawaii Five-O, Will & Grace, Murphy Brown and MacGyver?  Have I stepped into a time warp?

And then the movies. I saw ads for new movies: Mary Poppins Returns.  How old is she now? That just seems ghoulish – she must look like the mother in Psycho.  “A Star is Born”?  I read the remakes are in the works for “All Quiet on the Western Front”, “Dirty Dancing”, “War Games” and “The Birds”.  Have we just completely run out of ideas?

Or is it a weird nostalgia?  That would explain “Bohemian Rhapsody”. But if you were there the first time would you really want to sit through “The Front Runner” about poor Gary Hart?  And “Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch” is in theaters again. How many Grinch movies are there?

Did you know you can use your computer to play the newest version of Chutes & Ladders?  As well as a host of other games from 40 years ago.  Why you need a desktop to play it still has me quite confused…

I saw King Kong is opening on Broadway.  I did get a giggle out of that one.  Remember what happens when they bring King Kong to Broadway as “Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World”?  He wrecks the theater before climbing the Empire State Building.  Hey, that didn’t end well for the audience the first time.  Based on the New York Times review, the animatronic ape “is the most expressive performer on stage”, so it doesn’t seem like a great ride for the audience this time either.

And Popeye the Sailor Man has resurfaced in a series of You Tube videos.  Of course, he has been rebooted as a younger, more environmentally correct sailor who lives in a washed-ashore houseboat, collects rainwater and grows his own spinach.  Really?

Right in the middle of this mind-blowing revelation, the phone rings.  “Does anybody still make the self-service safe deposit box systems”?  And about a week later I get another request for help on the same subject.  Oh dear.  Are we dragging up relics from the Tomb Raider line of bank equipment?  Another reboot. Here we go again.